The First Latvian container data centre opened in Ventspils

Ventspils Digital Centre has provided itself with a significant gift on the 10th anniversary of the centre – a newly set up and furnished first container data centre in Latvia.

Unlike other data centres, which in their terms are buildings of a warehouse type, the container data centre is modular, easily expandable and far more economically attractive as it does not require capital construction.

The new data centre will effectively increase the range of services provided by Ventspils Digital Centre with a variety of electronic, as well as the perspective software testing services, thus involving more actively and widely in design and development of European e-government and e-business solutions. Special attention will be given to life-long learning courses via interactive multimedia learning technologies available also to people with no computer but a TV at home,.

Although originally it was planned that the new container will be placed in the Old City next to the digital centre, a deliberate decision was taken to place the container in the border area – in the place where so far there has been network equipment for optical data transmission and access  to global and Latvian internet. One end of the optical submarine cable connecting Latvia to Sweden is just  located in Pārventa, but there are several fiber optic cables from Ventspils to Riga by land. This is a huge advantage and a sense of security, as there are now two independent connections to the global Internet – one via Sweden and the other via Riga.

Another important factor in the choice of location is the quality of electricity which is essential for the operation of data centre. Very often one has to admit that the quality of electricity in the city is not as good as the data centre needs. The short-term outages and cases of voltage drop are not a rarity. Such fluctuations are very dangerous for servers. Although a variety of uninterruptible power supplies are being used and a diesel generator has been installed this is still fighting  with the consequences rather than the causes. Electric power for the container data centre will be provided by Ltd. “Watt”, a local merchant of electricity supply, whose customers include major companies of Ventspils port.